Monday, February 15, 2010

Taking a Stand in Water

Christians are called by Christ to take a stand, and that stand must begin somewhere. According to the New Testament it begins in water, the waters of baptism. I want to take some time this week to explore the relationship of water baptism to taking a stand for Christ and why believer's baptism by immersion is both the biblical model and the only model that answers to the theological, kerygmatic, and didactic roles of this foundational Christian rite.

This week I will look at baptism from its New Testament basis, its corruption and restoration, and its theological, kerygmatic and didactic purposes. I will also look at the question of whether or not those claiming to be God's people have the right and authority to alter what Christ himself commanded and the early church practiced in the New Testament.

Check in each day for a short lesson on how to take a stand in the water and why it is important.


  1. Im at a PCA church now, do have 2 get sprinkled? or is my dunking still cool?

  2. I would not lose you so easily to a church that so cavalierly sets aside the positive command of the Lord of the Church for a human innovation totally lacking in biblical support. Follow the blog this week to see what I'm talking about.