Monday, October 5, 2009

Take a Stand for Life, Part 1

In the documentary movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Ben Stein explores the question of the origins of life on earth. This one question continues to plague natural science. How did life begin? Where did that first living organism come from? For the Christian the answer is simple. God, who is himself Life, by an act of his will, created all the living creatures that exist. He alone is Life in the sense of being self-existent (theologians call this the aseity of God). In Exodus 3: 14 God told Moses his name was "I AM"--the one who necessarily exists in and of himself.

Our society is one that is moving rapidly in the direction of embracing the culture of death. To stand for life is viewed as a kind of extremism by many. Western Civilization has been inundated with nihilistic philosophy that pairs naturally with the naturalistic, humanistic worldview of our day. In this way of thinking death is a "natural part of the life cycle" and should be embraced. Abortion and euthanasia are encouraged (killing of unborn infants and "mercy" killing of the weak and terminally ill). At the same time, capital punishment for crimes is viewed as "cruel and unusual" punishment by many. People are who are pro-life and support capital punishment are accused of being inconsistent, but no one accuses the anti-life supporters of inconsistency when they advocate killing the innocent unborn and the elderly or terminally ill while at the same they decry capital punishment.

Over the next few days I intend to explore the importance of standing for life, and as odd as it may sound, how standing for life involves standing for capital punishment as well. If all life derives from God, then all of life is sacred in some sense, and if humans are created in the image of God, then all human life is to be valued on that basis more than any other criteria of value.

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